Jade is now two years old and is a sweet dog with a loud bark for strangers.  BUT… as soon as you bend down to pet her she crumples into you like a little kitty cat, purring with delight at being fondled and loved.  She moans and groans with happiness, and is quite the endearing talker.

She will be bred as soon as she passes her hip and elbow Xrays, which will be  coming up shortly.


Jade is out of Kahn, a white factored black and red male long coat and a son of our Baron, and Athena, a female I bred as well.

She is a real pistol, with lots of life and energy, and as you can see by Lyndas face, she is a handful to stack! It is rather nice to have a wee one around that has the love of life that my old fella Ryder used to have.

(Ryder is Jades Great, Great Grandfather) I’m looking forward to watching this little girl grow up, and if she takes after her grandfather Baron, she will do well in the sport of conformation showing.