Rare Breed Junior Champion Phenom N Furrari’s Flash, HC

We are calling this coloration a “Panda Shepherd Dog” due to the desire to be a distinct and seperate breed from the GSD in the future. Remember…all breeds started somewhere.

Rare Breed Jr. Champion Phenom N Furrari’s Flash, HC Flash is an American Kennel Club and Canadian Kennel Club registered purebred German Shepherd dog. Her dam is Lewcinacas Franka Von Phenom, the first “registered & DNA’d” GSD of this coloration that we are aware of at this time. (IF you have or know, or have known in the past of any other registered & purebred GSD of this color…please email me at furrari@istar.ca …we would LOVE to know more about you and your dog)

Our Iceman daughter, Flash, has grown into one of the most gorgeous females I own. She is both as stunning in looks and movement, as she is in personality and temperment. All who meet this young lady are smitten with her, and awed by her flashy coloration.

She will be bred this coming year (2006) after she clears her Xrays and matures. We will be working on her CGN, CGC, and TT testing in the meanwhile, as well as showing her off in the Rare Breeds shows. She has done very well in her show career, taking multi Best In Show Puppy awards.

Many judges have noted, and mentioned her clean floating movement. She and her babies will be real eyecatchers, and not just because of her unusual colors. If one of our “Panda” babies could be of interest to you, please emial me at the above address…We already have a waiting list.

Marion Lopizzo / Furrari Shepherds.