Hilleyes Rock of Furrari…call name Hogan

Hogan is a sweet tempered, outgoing white factored black and tan male, whos lines go back to some well known lines in the Black and Tan / colored show world. Covy-Tucker Hill’s Violet V Aljan, San Jo’s Eastern Express, Ossipee Ceasar V Clover Acres, Hoeneichen’s Magnum to name but a few.

We have been very fortunate to be able to incorporate these lines into ours here at Furrari. We are looking forward to our first litter out of this boy soon.

Hogan will be in getting X-rayed before Christmas, 2005.




He is owned by myself but resides elsewhere and is a wonderful companion and pet to Mr. Jason O., as well as being a proud and important part of my breeding program here at Furrari. If this future breeding coming up is of interest to you, please email me atfurrari@istar.ca