Personality Type

Nature provides for different personality types.

In their natural environment, these personality types have an imprortant role and very necessary function within the group.

Understanding the basic personality type of your puppy, will help you guide your baby to a perfect fit with your human family.

Please keep in mind however, that each puppy is an INDIVIDUAL and may be a BLEND of more than one personality type.  Your puppy will require your help and guidance to become the dog you want it to be.  With your help a fearful dog can become a confidant dog and a natural born leader can be taught to accept leadership very happily.




Some puppies are born to be leaders.  People often use the words like “pushy”, “bossy”, “stubborn”, and “independent” to describe this personality type.  These puppies MUST have obedience training and be given clearly defined rules for behaviour within their human family.


The function of this personality type is to hunt and provide food.  They are high energy dogs that NEED a job to do.  They are a perfect choice for people that love to compete in doggie sports like flyball, agility herding and schutzhund.  Obedience training is a must.  If these dogs are not kept both mentally and physically stimulated, and busy, they will find many things to amuse themselves with, thereby getting into trouble.


This personality type can be either male or female and is often described as”gentle” and “sweet”.  Their role is to care for the young. This is a wonderful personality type for families with young children and will live peacefully with other animals. Gentle obedience training is recommended.


This personality type is the “Early warning system”.  They warn of approching danger and may beleive that most everything they meet and every person they encounter is dangerous.  These puppies need lots of early exposure or “socialization”, to teach them to be less afraid of the world they live in.  Gentle obedience training is a MUST with this type of dog.

Look for the BLEND in your puppy and train accordingly..