Rare Breed Champion Hoofprint Wyndryder of Furrari,

Our Ryder quietly and surprisingly left to be with his girl Star on
Friday June 20, 2008, he was one wonderful dog who taught me the
lesson of living with passion. This boy knew how to do that and even
old age did not keep this one from enjoying every little thing he did
with great passion.

Both he and Star will be greatly missed.


“And Star shines again! With Ryder and Iceman shinning as well. All three of these dogs have been hired to do a movie November 2005, and they did it very well I might ad. I am very proud of my Star who was indeed the Star of the show, and Iceman who was the fast runner in one scene and then of course Ryder who was supposed to be angry, but in real life he was playing tug and having a great time with everyone.

This movie is for the Toronto Film Festeval which will debut on 2006, and the name is quite fitting…

“Light Chasers”

If you can see it…please do, it is well worth it! Again… I must say that all my dogs are VERY able and willing to preform in any capacity that I ask them to. Training comes easy and quickly. They ONLY wish to please and when they see me happy, then their lives are complete. Thank you Ms. Jane Conway and asociate Vi for coming to see what my dogs can do and hiring us to do it for you!!!!! What an honor.

Marion Lopizzo..