Nikki The First

Furrari’s Nikki TDSJ

Nikki was Furrari Shepherds first White Shepherd. Borne June 6th 1989, she had quite an exciting life. From doing a movie with Dan Aykroyd, Lily Tomlin and the legendry Jack Lemmon to visiting hospitals, nursing homes and schools. Nikki was always our number one dog here at Furrari’s. Without her, we would still be breeding color shepherds. She showed us that these white dogs were every bit as smart, loving and dedicated to humanity as their colored cousins.

“Thank You” my Nikki for blessing my life with your presence and devotion.

Furrari’s Nikki
June 6th 1989 – December 20th 2001
Passed away at 11 and a half years of age due to cancer..