Our Breed

In 1890 a German Calvary officer, Captain Max von Stephanitz stabilized the German Shepherd Dog (GSD) breed. Using a foundation stock of German sheepdogs he created a reliable herding dog highly intelligent and loyal.

The original breed standard did not consider the colour of the dog as long as it displayed a good working ability. In 1930 the white coloured dog fell out of favor and about 30 years ago it was disqualified from the confirmation ring. However, the White German Shepherd Dog (WGSD) is still eligible for AKC and CKC sanctioned obedience, tracking and herding trials.

The WGSD is a highly intelligent and affectionate dog that makes a wonderful family companion. WGSD’s are also popular for use as sentries, police dogs, trackers, guide dogs for the blind and search & rescue.

This breed was one of the original colour variations derived from the more easily recognized black and tan German Shepherd.

Discrepancies between breeder ideologies has separated this breed from its black and tan cousins, but the breeders of the white shepherd have strived to reproduce the best qualities of the original German Shepherd.

The White Shepherd male can be 25 inches or 64 cm at the shoulder while the females are slightly smaller ranging from 23 or 58 cm. A variance of 1 inch or 3cm is acceptable.

Breeders focus on preserving the functional “squarer” structure of the old-fashioned Shepherd, as well as the temperament that made it possible for the White Shepherd to herd sheep and cattle.

Today, a very loyal, devoted and highly trainable dog, the White Shepherd thrives on pleasing his owners and loves having a job to do.
Although happy to spend time with his family indoors, the White Shepherd is an active breed which also requires outdoor exercise..