Getting a Puppy

It is up to each new owner to give each baby the opportunity to do just that. Loving, socializing, training, and much time is needed to be invested in each baby in order to make it a good sound all round dog. If you don’t have this time or want this possible 14 year commitment, then you will need to look elsewhere for a pet. Perhaps a nice kitty would be less demanding for you. I need you to be SURE that your love and commitment will be for the lifetime of the dog, not just a temporary thing. With dedicated commitment on your part, you will have the most loving friend you have ever had in your life.

Our playful white puppies are usually available twice a year, once in early spring or summer and once in late fall, early winter. Our Puppies are sold on non breeding contracts, with a two year guarantee on Hips and Health, and are $1000.00 plus taxes. If you would like more information as to availability, please call or email me.


Rich or poor, he won’t care.
Healthy or ill, he won’t care.
Clean or in rags, he won’t care.
Beautiful or ugly, he won’t care, only love you..