Are white German Shepherds albinos?

NO. Albino, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is “an organism exhibiting deficient pirmentation; . . . and usually has a milky, translucent skin, white or colorless hair and eyes with pink or blue iris and deep-red pupil.” The dark pointed white German Shepherd Dog possesses pink to black skin and eyes which can range in color from a gold to a very dark brown and should not be confused with an albino. Other white coated breeds, such as the Samoyed, the Great Pyrenese, the Kuvasz, and many others, also possess white coats and are not albinos.

How does the white German Shepherd differ from the standard colored German Shepherd?

White shepherd breeders strive to produce a dog that is as sound structurally as the colored dogs of the 1960’s ….having less extreme angulation as our colored cousins do today.

Are white German Shepherds AKC (American Kennel Club) or CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registerable?

Yes. If both of the parents (regardless of color) are registered with the AKC or CKC as German Shepherds, then any resulting puppy would be fully registerable as a German Shepherd Dog. Neither AKC nor CKC restrict registration of a German Shepherd based on its color.

Are white German Shepherds registerable with UKC (United Kennel Club) as German Shepherd Dogs?

Yes. While UKC has approved a new breed of dog called the “White Shepherd,” your white German Shepherd Dog may still be registered as a German Shepherd Dog with UKC and may be shown in the conformation ring as a German Shepherd Dog.

Can white German Shepherds be shown in conformation competitions?

No. As of 1968, when the German Shepherd Dog Club of America changed its breed standard to list the color white as a disqualifying fault, the white German Shepherd has been disqualified from the AKC breed (conformation) ring. The CKC then followed suit in 1998. However they can be showen in Canada and America with White Shepherd Club of Canada, American White Shepherd Association, Rare Breed Clubs, and UKC

Can Whites still be shown in CKC conformation ring at this time?

No as of January 1998 whites have been disqualified due to their white coat color, following the American earlier lead of 1968.

 Can white German Shepherds be shown in AKC obedience trials?
Yes. As a registered German Shepherd Dog, a white GSD is fully eligible to compete in obedience trials, tracking trials, temperament tests, herding events, and any events sponsored by AKC for German Shepherd Dogs. White GSDs have continued to be shown successfully in all phases of obedience work despite discrimination against them in the breed ring. In 1968, a white German Shepherd, Frau Kim Von Weisshund, U.D., was the top obedience German Shepherd in the country. Other white dogs have placed among the top obedience German Shepherds in the country over the years.

My dog’s nose turns lighter (or pink) in the cold. Is he sick?

No. A “snow-nose” (fading of nose pignemt caused by seasonal changes) is common among lighter coated breeds, including the white German Shepherd. Sometimes (although it has never been scientifically proven) dogs who drink and eat from plastic dishes and bowls tend to have lighter noses and removing the plastic may help restore the pigment.

Since white is a disqualifying color under the German Shepherd Dog standard, why would I want to own one?

As with any German Shepherd, responsible ownership is called for. However, once you have chosen the German Shepherd as your breed, unless you are specifically purchasing your German Shepherd Dog for AKC conformation competition, there is no reason not to own a white. As stated herein, the white German Shepherd is fully eligible for AKC and CKC registration and for all AKC and CKC obedience competitions and awards. The color of your dog is a matter of personal preference. Many people, not influenced by the prejudice of the German Shepherd Dog Club and its far-reaching effect on the dog world, would actually choose a white dog for its sheer beauty and presence.

You will find that white German Shepherd owners are active in many phases of the dog world, including obedience clubs and all levels of obedience competition, judging, stewarding, and conformation showing of other breeds as well as conformation showing within the white German Shepherd Dog club. The support and comradery among white German Shepherd owners is stronger than that among many of the more widely accepted breeds..