About Furrari

Furrari Kennels was the long ago dream of a 10 year old girl with her first puppy, a registered purebred peke named Lady Lulu.

The child had her dreams of breeding dashed when she came home from school one day to find Lulu gone to the vets for a “little operation”

Lady Lulu lived to be 17 years old and the child grew into a young woman with a husband and kids of her own, and the dream was temporarily put on a back burner.

But the little human family also needed a dog. Enter our colored german shepherds, Kelly and Toby, two wonderful companions and loyal friends.

In their later years, I felt we needed some young blood in the group and we decided on a White Shepherd.

Here came our first White shepherd named Furrari’s Nikki. Nikki gave us many wonderful years of love and devotion, and during this time our “Furrari Kennels” was born.

Through Nikki we learned more and more about this wonderful breed of dog, every bit as able and willing to serve humanity with love and dedication as its colored cousins.

Here at Furrari we are happy and excited when approximately twice a year we have our babies.

Puppies are usually born in early spring and again in late summer. If we can help you bring love, joy and lots of laughter into your lives with one of our beautiful white puppies, please email me and ask about availability, as we usually have a waiting list for our babies..