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    Posted on September 10, 2012 by in News

    ntil the hearts of men learn to love, appreciate, and value all the unique and wonderful differences in both the human world, and in the dog kingdom, there will be those individuals who lay claim to their convictions that only “their” chosen “color” or “breed” of dog is the proper and acceptable kind.

    Our view on this issue is precisely the following, written many years ago by a Captain Max Von Stephanitz about the German Shepherd Dog breed, and spoken Simply and True….


    Health and Temperament of ANY breed must be paramount, and every colored puppy has the right to life, and the love of a good family.

    We here at Furrari Kennels do not judge any other man on their convictions, nor do we feel we even have that right.

    We will also follow our own hearts and our own convictions, on the issue of color, and breed only those dogs that are healthy both in body and spirit, regardless of the color, or length of the fur coat it was blessed with.

    For those who disagree with us here…..God Bless you and please enjoy the color, and/or breed of dog you have chosen to love.

    For those of you who have written us to say how lovely the color of this type of dog is…Thank You.

    God Bless..

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